In 2015, Art by Alyssa moved into a studio space
with her friend and colleague, Holly Stout, owner and designer of The Salty Cottage.
Our shared studio is located at 110 Cabot Street in downtown Beverly, on the corner of Cabot St. and Railroad Ave.

Over the last 2.5 years, Alyssa and Holly's businesses have grown to a point where sharing is no longer an option.
So I'm beyond thrilled to announce that I'll be relocating to the opposite corner of the building this fall!
More space!    A Door to the street!   and More shopping opportunities!


Stop by before my move for a 

Studio Clearance Sale & Celebration!

Thursday, August 31st . 5 - 8 pm
110 Cabot Street . Beverly
Discontinued products and studio seconds at super low prices!