A: No. Our products are hand produced in our studio using reproductions of Alyssa's original paintings. 

Q: I can't find all of your products in your online shop, can I still purchase them?

A: To shop our full line of products, please make an appointment to visit the studio or find a shop near you that carries our line and check to see if they have what you need.

Q: does your studio have hours?

A: No. We are there working on orders quite often (especially many Fridays and Saturdays,) but if you are traveling a distance, please check with us first to be sure that we'll be in. You can also make an appointment: artbyalyssa@gmail.com.

Q: How soon will my online order ship? 

A: Within 5 business days from Beverly, MA.

Q: I'm local, can I pick up my online order from your studio?

A: Sure. Please make a note in the order and email us after you place it to make an appointment, and we'll refund your shipping.